Our GrassRoots Rugby Camps are back!

Finally (fingers crossed 🤞) the full return to rugby is within our grasp and we can get back to the sport we love and have missed so much throughout the last few months and multiple lockdowns.

It has felt like and itch we couldn’t scratch with only professional games up and running throughout lockdown, with the 6 Nations taking the centre stage of late. Watching and not getting involved in the community game for so long now has been tough but and we know you can’t wait to get back to rugby.

Rugby is back !

From Monday 29th March, that will be possible again, as long as the guidelines do not evolve. Your club, you, your children and your friends can start making a return to rugby again. To help with that we are extremely excited to restart our Grow The Game programme through our GrassRoots Rugby Camps, helping clubs get back to their feet financially, giving children fun and safe environments to enjoy rugby again and attract new kids to the game we love. 


So, rugby players from Plymouth and surroundings, dust off your boots, find your club kit, clean the mud out of your gumshields and come and wear your club colours at the biggest Easter rugby camp in the area!

King George V Memorial Playing Fields

Monday 12th of April


6-14 years old

Lunch additional extra

What to expect at our GrassRoots Rugby Camps?

Our Grow the Game programme and our rugby camps are designed by former international and Heineken Cup player Eoghan Grace with the aim to engage children in the basic skills of rugby. Aimed at both newbies and rugby-mad children our camps are a great way to discover and enjoy rugby safely in a fun and friendly environment. With no tackling all children can discover the basics of our game with no pressure with fun and engaging exercises. 


Here’s some of the things to expect:

– Introduction & education on the rules of the game for new players

– Back to basics catch and pass skills

– Introduction to contact (with pads and tackle shields, age specific)

– Fun, active sessions

– Breakouts from rugby

– Healthy lunches & good food choices education

How our Grow the Game programme works?

Eolas+’s Grow the Game programme aims to put GrassRoots Rugby back on the map. No one wants to see community rugby clubs, the pillars of our game, disappear, so let us help with starting the rebuild process. Supporting club on both a financial front and helping them reach and engage new children we work with clubs across the South West to help them get back to their feet and grow, after what has been a difficult time for the club rugby community.


How do we do it ? 

– GrassRoots Rugby Camps 

– CPD and upskilling for coaches 

GrassRoots Rugby Camps

Developed for both newbies and passionate rugby children our GrassRoots rugby camps have a double edge, both financially and in terms of engagement of new players. With entities of profits going back to the hosting club we only ask to use your rugby club’s facilities. No need to worry about setting up tickets, organising the food or arranging coaches, we take care of all of it even down to the marketing. 

CPD and Upskilling for Coaches

We believe the growth of our game goes through engaging more children and making our game more accessible and more engaging for all. To achieve this our CPD and upskilling sessions for coaches aim to demonstrate and teach innovative ways to create fun and engaging environments making rugby better for it. As for 

Think this could help your rugby club? Drop us an email at admin@eolasplus.co.uk. We’ll happily answer any queries or even set up a call with you to discuss how we can help your club.


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