5 ways our Teacher CPD programme will benefit your school

Continued Professional Development for teachers also known as Teacher CPD now comes in a variety of forms from the traditional training day to the increasingly popular e-learning methods through online platforms or even video calls. The purpose, however, always remains the same: to help teachers continue their development, improve teaching and to broaden skill setsContinue reading “5 ways our Teacher CPD programme will benefit your school”

Eolas+ Christmas Camps : Where do you want to see us?

The Christmas break is often one of the most hectic periods of the year with preparations underway for the big day and the subsequent lead up to New Years Eve. With children finishing Term Two on Friday the 18th this year, we want to be able to help parents who may not be able toContinue reading “Eolas+ Christmas Camps : Where do you want to see us?”

Emotional Well-Being: How Can Sport Help?

Having enjoyed welcoming children back to our inclusive sports camps over the summer holidays, many of which were our Healthy Body: Healthy Mind camps in partnership with Arterne, it seems appropriate to touch on some of the most important benefits that sport and physical activity can have on young people. Although we pride ourselves onContinue reading “Emotional Well-Being: How Can Sport Help?”

Child Development Through Sport

There are many important skills and lessons that can be acquired through participating in sport, especially for children. The more obvious benefits, such as physical health, are well documented however, recently there has been an increase in attention given to the social and personal skills that sport helps develop. In a recent report published inContinue reading “Child Development Through Sport”

Are children at risk of losing out on being fit after COVID-19?

With government reintroduction guidelines for schools underway this week, children return to their schools in varied numbers across the UK. The structure of school life and getting back to seeing friends may come as a welcome relief after what can only be described as a very strange time, although with the hottest day of theContinue reading “Are children at risk of losing out on being fit after COVID-19?”

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