Are children at risk of losing out on being fit after COVID-19?

With government reintroduction guidelines for schools underway this week, children return to their schools in varied numbers across the UK. The structure of school life and getting back to seeing friends may come as a welcome relief after what can only be described as a very strange time, although with the hottest day of the year forecast today we may see lower numbers returning than expected.
Restrictions have been loosened in recent weeks with a rare positive coming from this pandemic being how families have had a focus point on being or staying active. From Joe Wicks promoting PE, an abundance of free online resources or just simply a family (social distancing) walk around the local park, children and families have had ample opportunity to stay active from home and enjoy the happiness and togetherness it can bring.

Can we maintain that focus?

In the recent budget the government stated, “To ensure that children get an active start in life, the government will bring forward an updated School Sport and Activity Action Plan following the Comprehensive Spending Review. Ahead of that, the Budget provides £29 million a year by 2023-24 to support primary school PE teaching and help schools make best use of their sports facilities. The funding will support high quality teacher training and professional development for PE, informed by best practice PE teaching.”

The School Sport and Activity Action Plan is due in September, however after such a difficult time, what can we expect?

– Funding and resources may become a major issue.
– Increasing pressure to catch up on education.
– Restrictions in class sizes
– PE more difficult and time consuming with multiple sessions rather than one group lesson.
– Teachers expected to adapt to unusual PE lessons

Difficult Times…….but there must always be hope!

As a community, we must come together and continue that drive to stay fit and active with a mind-set focused on good health and wellbeing. Great things can come from adversity and we have an opportunity to focus on children’s understanding of health and wellbeing. It is an element of the life cycle which can positively affect so many factions of our world. Healthier people equals less strain on other resources. From stronger immune systems to powerful mental strength, it can all be linked with healthy living and wellbeing. So let’s not stop our re-engagement (and in many cases new engagement) with being fit and active, and let’s pull together to create a “New Norm” that is better and healthier than ever before. Each one of us can play a huge role.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

At EOLAS+ we are driven to make a positive impact on our community. We work with schools in Devon and Cornwall, providing them with teaching support and PE solutions to improve the wellbeing and promote physical activity amongst children. If you feel we can be of any help to your school please get in touch here.

Eoghan Grace

By Eoghan Grace

Founder EOLAS+ CIC


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