Our supportive community, you’ve helped us drive our vision of “knowledge through sport” into so many communities allowing us to keep children active, whilst learning and enjoying themselves.
You’ve allowed us push for equal opportunities for all children, no matter background or circumstances, so from all of us, thank you!!


The drive does not stop there….
Support from big entities (councils etc.) has been great for funding, but funding hasn’t reached every community that we are lucky to be involved in. So, we’ve decided, with help from our community, local businesses, families and friends we’d try raise some funds through donations, raffles and events.

Every little helps children who, unfortunately, regularly don’t get the opportunity to attend camps, events or extra curricular activities. Be it financial restrictions or many other reasons, we think at the very least, children should be allowed to be children, and experience camps in the holidays or have fun in clubs with their friends.


The old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well our “village” can be you, our community. So please help and support any of the below events to make a difference.


Thank you in advance.

South Hams Fundraiser:

We are aiming to raise £3000 for our Salcombe/Malborough/Kingsbridge camps with a fun Raffle, with some amazing prizes.

All the money raised goes to providing children from less fortunate backgrounds the opportunity to attend our camps free this Summer and gain a Free Meal and healthy snacks daily.

£10 per ticket

Raffle takes place on the 27th of August

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